Out with the old, in with the new!

Long time no see.

What you see is something new. I got tired of my old site and decided to go into a blog like layout. My website has gone through a lot of changes in the past 10+ years. Started out as a page for my fanfiction, then about the cons I’ve gone to, then a page about my cosplays, and then my podcasting. I spun off the podcasting to here (www.animejamsession.com). The link to my convention pictures are on the right, but that will be moved over to the podcasting page soon enough.

So… What do you expect here? More irregular thoughts and views on life, music, anime, cosplay, and everything in between. I am not a person that posts a lot (well, I have a livejournal, god knows the last time I was in there) because I’m lazy. What I plan to do is to tell stories about life and the funny shit that happens.

I suppose this is an experiment in progress, but let’s see how successful this is.

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