This is why we can’t have nice things…

Let’s itemize this…

  • Badges didn’t show up until late and got vouchers.
  • When said badges arrived, had to redo registration (or so I was told).
  • Could not go into rave with jackets or vests.
  • Someone was arrested for selling acid, retail value was supposedly $3700.
  • Another person was arrested for public and broke a glass table in the lobby.
  • A drunk luigi shat himself as he was being taken out on a gurney.
  • Old NAVY seadogs invaded the rave.
  • Panels ran from 6am to 4am.
  • After the Saturday night rave, congoers was booted from the convention center to the hotel lobby, five minutes later, congoers were booted from the lobby and BACK to the convention center.
  • A congoer from the christian convention was arrested for assaulting a Jesus cosplayer.
  • And… A couple from the christian convention was ejected from the hotel for having sex in public.

Even though there is a three-year contract on the hotel, I think that we may not be back next year, lol.

EDIT: K17, will be back at the Gaylord, despite the rumor that they tore up the contract and told them to get lost. Like the saying goes, “Screw the rules, I have money”. XD


  1. The Navy Formal ball people paid to attend the Rave (to my understanding). They had as much right to see the con (in formal wear), as you or I did. I do agree with the rest of those thoughts though.

  2. I’m still not certain where to begin with this trainwreck of a con…

    It’s like everything that could go wrong converged into one big mess. And being that the DC Metro system isn’t the NYC subway is all the more frustrating for those people that are used to transit running a little bit more on the reliable end of things…

  3. anyone have a news article on this assault?

    also, I stopped liking katsucon after my first year there, Gaylord was an appropriately named place for them to go to.

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