Getting Laid Off Isn’t That Bad…

Well my first grand return to my blog was supposed to be something different. But that is life. ^^

So, what some of you don’t know is that I am a PC Technician. It’s what I went to school for.  It’s what I was doing at this job.  What I would is support the teachers and make sure that the software ran without any problems.  During the summer I would help with hardware maintenance.  I have only been there for four months.  A wonderful four months at that. I learned a lot from my fellow techs there.

So last week, a couple of people got laid off.  Today was my turn. The CIO assured me that it was nothing of my doing. He enjoyed and respect the work I brought to the table.  The issue was that the sales department wasn’t selling our company teaching software as well as they were.  I was told that I’d get severance and that I may return if things improve.  Speaking with a senior tech, he told me that I’d be back soon.

I gotta tell you tho, I LOVED this job.  It was fun, my coworkers were a blast to work with.  The CIO fought hard for me to stay on, but there’s only oh so much that he can do. And I truly appreciate that.  Sometimes as I worked there, I kept thinking that I’d do something stupid and get fired.  But I didn’t.  When I got a call from another tech asking where I was and that I was needed in the office, I knew this had to be it.  After being told, I was stunned…

But I took it all in stride.  As I said in the meeting, “It is what it is.  If I can lose a $300 camera on vacation and not freak out, then this is a walk in the park.” Hell, I’m still having my BBQ and I’m inviting a few of my coworkers over. I’m still gonna roll with the punches.  Granted that I was upset because all of my future plans got wrecked and/or delayed.

First person I called was my girlfriend. She wasn’t upset, granted the reasoning behind it.

So I’m going to stay focused, keep my head up, go back to school, and keep working at it.

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