Time is Money… And Money is Time

It took me a while to understand that phrase.  But that phrase hit me head on last week.

Last week, I found out this girl I knew from an online chatroom was in town.   So we made plans to hang out. I said that I’d contact her when I was done with work.  I was done around 11 and I texted her that I’d be free around 3.  No answer.  I texted her that I’m free at 5.  Still nothing, so I went home that day.  Around 9pm I get a text from her that she left her phone in her purse.

Call me annoyed, but I’ve never known a woman to not have her purse and phone on her when going out.  That night I was checking my Facebook update, as per the norm, and I noticed that she was checking into places in NYC via Facebook Mobile.  This was during the times I had texted her. I decided right then and there to ignore her.

You might think that was a dick move, or me being insensitive.  But listen… Now the day before, I was going to another site to finish a contract job the same day I was going to meet her.  So since she said that she wanted to meet, I opted to finish that contract job on Friday.

I have no problem meeting people to hang out for lunch, dinner, fun touristy stuff.  If you don’t want to hang out and do other things, I’m cool with it, I’m not offended. I’m only offended when you say that you want to hang out and then not tell me.  I could have finished that work on Wednesday and had an early weekend on Friday.

I feel like I’ve learned my lesson.  Friends are friends, but don’t fuck with my time which could jeopardize my money.

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  1. She could have (and SHOULD have) been honest with you. How hard would it have been for her to just say, “oh my plans changed so I can’t hang out”? There was no need for her to lie about her phone as an excuse. That’s just childish. I don’t think it’s wrong for you to ignore her. Had she communicated with you, you could have made other plans with your time. She was insensitive and selfish to waste your time like that!

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