Your Best Foot Forward

So I’ve been cosplaying for a long time.  As of the last couple of years, I don’t consider myself a cosplayer, as in, I don’t bring three to four new costumes to every single convention.  Most of the current fandoms just annoy me, damn weaboos.  I go to cons, bring my favorite costumes, do work for my website and publish it. I enjoy that.  But it seems that since I’ve gone to the production aspect of it, the usual circles I run with don’t hit me up anymore.

At first it didn’t bother me, because I was knee deep in working on podcasting and so forth.  But seeing how I’ve caught up with podcasting, photos, videos, no one drops me a line anymore. Hello, I’d love to get up on stage and do a skit, make a total jackass of myself for fun.  It somewhat depresses me that these are people I’ve been hanging out with, baking bread with for over ten years and then you look at me as an outcast?  Well instead of me cursing up a storm, I’m simply going to shrug my shoulders and say “It is what it is”.

One thing I did learn while I was in the Marine Corps, most of the time, I’m better off flying solo, doing the things that I want to do.  Maybe this is me growing up and being more of a responsible adult?  But looking at the grand scheme of things of this, I see the positives. I have a girlfriend who loves me and she has two awesome kids. In due time, we’ll be one big happy family and I’ll have two wonderful step kids to take to conventions and show them the good times that I’ve have.

If that fails, my levels of resentment towards people will simply triple, hahahaha.

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