Happy Thanksgiving!

Well everyone, have a great Turkey Day. ^_^

I do have some good news tho.  Remember this post here – http://www.djranmas.net/2011/10/learning-from-your-mistakes.html

I have an update.  So here’s the thing.  I have this rule of where if I see someone more than three times that weekend at a con, I talk to that person.  Well this person in the first story… I saw her profile pop up twice while I was logged into LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Facebook.  I took a deep breath and added her to my Facebook.  Next day I saw she accepted the request.  Went over and said hi, she liked it and chatted back.  Ended up talking over Skype and things are cool now.

And I’m happy about that.

I am truly thankful of that.  The guilt that I carried around was lifted off my shoulders and disappeared.  Especially the fact that I look at her as family… Hell, I still do.  I think she knows if she needed help, I’d come, guns blasting, the whole nine.

Now, I’m gonna have some tea, a little tv, and prepare for my trip to my grandparents house.

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