RIP Heavy D

I didn’t think I’d would be posting about another sad thing so soon… But this is something I really took to heart about…

I really don’t get upset over celebrity deaths, but I have to admit that it did hit me hard about passing of Dwight Myers aka Heavy D. I grew up in the same town that he grew up in during his career in the 80s – 90s. That was Mount Vernon, New York. Every year he would throw a Labor Day BBQ in the playground on 7th Avenue and I actually got a chance to go and have fun. I remember working in a video store and he came in and I got his autograph.

This will always be my favorite Heavy D song because it mentioned my hometown in it. RIP Heavy D. To be honest, I always said that nothing good came out of that town because over the years, it’s gotten a lot more dangerous to live there.  But I will say this much tho, thank you for giving me a reason to be proud that I’m from Mount Vernon.

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