Humbled I Am.

It’s not often I get praise for the things that I do.  When it does happen, I get all odd and awkward about it, for I am not used to it.  And I feel humbled.  I always say that I am doing my job.  Early this year when I uploaded my con photos, I saw a spike in the number of likes and comments.  Seeing that made me smile.  I knew that people out there enjoyed the work that I love doing.  I don’t cherry pick when it comes to cosplayers.  I try to hit as many I can for photos if they’re not in a rush or inconvenienced.  If I am inspired, I’ll do an impromptu photoshoot (it has happened a few times).

To everyone that has liked my photos, videos, commented… Thank you.  You all are the reason why I goto cons and do this.  I am truly blessed, thankful, honored, and humbled.

I leave you all with this video:

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