Bros before Hos (That Topic Again)

About a couple of weeks ago, I had asked people on Facebook if they would date their best friend’s ex.  Interesting answers I saw.  Like I said, something similar has happened to me, but it was a friend, and that relationship only lasted about a month or so.

So, here’s my story.

We have Tenchi, Shinji, and Ryoko (using names, not their characters).  Now Ryoko was dating Shinji for about a year before they broke up.  Tenchi and Shinji are best friends.  Tenchi asks his bestie if it’s okay if they could date.  Even Ryoko asked as well.  It has been a couple of months since the breakup and Shinji is okay with it.

Or so we thought…

Come to find out that Shinji is not happy and miserable about that.  Now Tenchi is uber happy because he’s met someone with similar interests, despite him having failed relationships, thinking that he’d never find anyone.

Now I understand if there’s various circumstances, but there was none.  And the funny thing is that Tenchi said he had no interest in her whatsoever.  Last I recall, Tenchi and Shinji haven’t spoken much since this.  But they might be now, who knows.

But I know that some people have stopped talking to Tenchi because of this, myself included.

I feel that you should never jeopardize a friendship with your best friend over a woman, no matter how much you feel.  Now I understand if Shinji said it was cool with it and was over it.  But it looks like he’s not.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.

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