Dirty Laundry

I laugh when someone threatens to post about my dirty laundry (personal business).  My laundry has been aired so much that it has it’s own rope outside to hang itself on.  And it’s like, “Why are you doing this, we already know, he owned up to it, what are you trying to do?”  Right after that, I air my side of it and it’s like, “Ohhhhhhh….” and that person is ridiculed.

So let me tell you…

After AnimeNEXT 2012 I end up chatting with this girl online with some flirting. She is hella cute so yeah.  I offer to invite her up for a weekend, get to know her, hang out, photos. Chill stuff.  She said that she wasn’t looking, am I look cool.

Major mistake.

She ends up staying a week, traveling all over the place, burned one of pots cooking.  Now while she’s there, I give her my credit card (dumb move) so that she can buy a train ticket to see her dad out on Long Island.  I know how it feels growing up in a single parent hosuehold and stuff.  She ends up racking up more charges, her phone dies and she gets lost.  She ends up getting off at another station, lost, finding three guys to walk her back to the proper one at 1:30am.  I have work in the morning.

The next night we chill on the couch and watch a movie.  I stretch my arms out and she spazzes. I’m like, WTF?!  That’s when she tells me of the terrible event that happened to her and why she’s very weary of men (I’ll let you figure that out).  I end up dropping her off at the bus station the next day.

Enter Senshi Masturi.  She wants to crash at my place. Sure okay.

That week went off without a hitch… Or so I thought.  As much as she wanted to hang out with me and do photos, she ended up hanging out with everyone else except me.  Not because of class, she simply had other plans.  We all ended up hanging out together with other friends on July 4th tho.  Skip up today.  I found something she left behind so I go to message her and she unfriended me. Goto my other account and send the message.  And that’s when shit got ratchety…

I get a PM in my inbox about how I need therapy, misogynistic, and other problems… I don’t remember the full message, but if I find it, I’ll post it.

I find it funny she’s accusing me of these things but yet she’s quite scared of being around men.  Go fig.  Same girl who has conned a couple of my friends to buy her stuff because she was short on cash.  You should not travel anywhere unless you have ample money.  If you can’t afford the con, DON’T GO.

But I digress, it’s today’s life I guess, I dunno.  But yeah, I’m not worried about her.  There isn’t anything she’s going to say that people will believe.

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