RunTelDat is a name of a comic film by Martin Lawrence.

It also has a definition on Urban Dictionary.

What people don’t understand is that we do this everyday.  A majority of the time it has never been meant to be harmful at all.

So last night I get a message from this girl I used to associate with and she accused me of this.  First off, I had no idea what the hell she was talking about until she mentioned my twitter post here.  She also was pissed that her PUBLIC Facebook entry was leaked in regards to this.  First off, it’s a public post.  Secondly, I leaked it because I will not allow you or anyone else to slam my friends.

So now you’re wondering what the hell.

First off, I support crowdfunding.  It’s a way to finance and back projects and ideas to the general public without have to go through corporate investors.  But here’s something… I do support crowdfunding, but I don’t support all projects.

Now, what I may say could make me come off as a hypocrite.  If it does, then it does and I will own up.  But I don’t see myself like that.  This explanation should fix it.

Friends of mine have a crowdfunding to expand their business and I support that.  Someone made a snarky comment about how they should start small and work their way up, followed by a couple of people bandwagoning the comment.  First off,  they are doing that.  Secondly, they’re looking to expand their business.  Just because you can finance your equipment and/or pay for it outright, that doesn’t mean this small business or other businesses could.  No two financial statements are the same.

Now it was brought to my attention that I did not support another crowdfunding project by Lillity Oya.  And I didn’t.  To me, that crowdfunding is different.  That project was to raise money to buy fabric, materials, and equipment for a one time cosplay project, video, and event for her and her staff.  I felt that all of that could have been done in house, along with the help of some friends.  The majority of her staff can sew, so they could all help with that.  I also felt that I wasn’t getting anything out if in return.  I suppose you can say that I didn’t like how this was implemented.  I respect her for all that she does, but I just couldn’t back it.

It’s that reason alone why I could never crowdfund Anime Jam Session.  I feel that I didn’t have anything to give back besides what me and my staff already does.  This site is purely a volunteer effect, we put money out of our own pocket to do what we do on a weekly basis.

That is the gist of that story.  At the end of that conversation, it leads into another tangent, but I will save that for another blog post.


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