Cornbread, Homestuck, and Me.

Before any of y’all start sending me mail about Homestuck and so forth, let me say my two cents.  I have grown to accept it for what it is.

I always hate when something gets popular and people throw it in my face for me to read or watch it.  I will automatically hate on it because I do not like being told what to do in that way.  When the popularity of it dies down, then I will get into it.  Which is one of the reasons why it took me forever to get into NARUTO.

But every so often, something popular will come along, take over the cons, and then move along.  Examples of NARUTO, Bleach, Final Fantasy, One Piece, Vocaloid, and Hetalia.  And now we have Homestuck.  But somehow Homestuck just appeared out of nowhere.  Truthfully, it’s not appealing to me in the ways of cosplay, which is part of the reason why I never bothered.  Also, I have noticed that a lot of Homestuck cosplayers are quite rude, along with the fact that they have this uppity attitude at conventions.  Another reason why congoers abhor them.  But I do know that not all are bad, the problem is that they’re the minority in the fandom.

Case in point, I was at NYCC 2012 and I saw a Homestuck/Sailor Moon hybrid cosplay group.  That alone shot the hairs up on my neck.  But I decided to be nice and ask them for a photo.  The leader of this group responded with, “We don’t have time for a photo for you”, which was said an in a very condescending and arrogant tone.  Now I will hear “I can’t right now”, “Not right now, but later”, or anything else along those lines.  I get it, I understand it.  But when you snap at me with such the freaking holier than thou attitude, I will not ever bother with a second chance, I got better things to do.

I had gotten into a pissing contest with someone over Homestuck.  I flat out said that I don’t like it and they’re annoying.  I was then asked if I had read any of it, which I did not.  She said that I had no room to judge because of that.  Let me just say this… It’s pretty easy for me to judge when your fandom act like arrogant assholes who think they’re better than anyone else.  With that mindset, why should I even give it a fair shot?

Skip ahead a few months later where this same person asked me why I wanted a picture of her when I was at a con.  I am a cosplay photographer.  It is my job to take a diverse collection of cosplay phtotos.  Now at this con, there wasn’t a lot of cosplay, so you have to take what you can get.  Don’t take it personally babe, but I was filling space on my camera.

But with all things that annoy me, I just shrug, let it go, move on and say fuck it.  With my BFF getting into the series, there wasn’t much else to do but accept it for what it is.  So I tolerate it, I won’t knock the fandom unless I have to.  I just don’t feel like having to put a fight about it.  I do not care to read any of the comics or the stories behind it, so please don’t ask me to do so.

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