Don’t Be This Neckbeard.

Yesterday I talked about my thoughts on the UCSD tragedy and how it bothered me as a guy and how I am around women.  I can’t sit here and lecture you fully on how to be a man.  I can give you advice on how to be around women.  My advice stems from my own experiences… And stories.  I’m going to tell you the story of Ryouga and his interactions with women.  It’s something special.  Now his real name isn’t Ryouga, but I change the name to protect the stupid, for they are their own undoing.  Click past here and I’ll tell you everything.  Hopefully you all will learn from this.

So one night I was out with a lady friend and Ryouga just happened to be there.  He sits with us and starts flirting with my lady friend, who we will call Hinata.  I wasn’t attached to Hinata, so it didn’t bother me.  But I notice how he was buying drink after drink.  I told them to calm down the drinking.  He then suggest that we all go back to his place and he’d buy some more booze.  I had a very bad feeling about where things would go.  I pulled Hinata aside and said that we can go home, no harm no foul.  She wanted to party.  I pulled Ryouga aside and asked him not to do this.  He simply said, “As long as she wants to, I’m down.”  I followed along.  I don’t have to explain here what happened.  I was sober the whole night and after everything was said and done, I took her back to my place, put her to bed and told her exactly what happened.

But things get more interesting…  After this incident, they got friendly and decided to date.  One night, I get a call from Minako, a mutual friend of mine and Hinata.  Minako was hanging out with them with her bf and then Ryouga got upset and got upset.  Long story short, Ryouga went to see Hinata to get laid.  Hinata invited a couple of friends to hang out with them because he was okay with it.  He wasn’t, he just said that to be nice and he was having a temper tantrum that he wasn’t going to have sex.  They broke up a week later because he couldn’t cater to his needs.

But that’s just one such incident.  Now here’s a story that he told me about a year ago… Ryouga went to an anime con out of the blue.  He told me that he went up there because this other girl he met previously that he hooked up with was going.  He never got a chance to hook up with her because they were both rooming with other people and that she was running around, not having any time to relax.  He called her constantly, but nothing came of it.  But when he got ahold of her, he laid into her saying how he planned to just come up here for this.  He then called back later apologizing that he was drunk, but he wasn’t.  Sometime later me and her talked and she asked me if I knew anything, and I told her what I just wrote out here.  Needless to say, they don’t talk as much.

So what have we learned from this?

  • Getting a girl drunk for sex makes you a part of the problem.
  • Going to a con just to have sex with someone and getting mad at her because y’all didn’t knock boots makes you a part of the problem.
  • Going to see your girlfriend and getting upset at her because she doesn’t want to have sex with you makes you a part of the problem.

Don’t be this guy.  Don’t be this neckbeard.  Respect all women and treat them the same way you would treat your sister, mother, aunt, etc.

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