Yes Virginia, the WiiU is Crap.

Well, that’s just my opinion.  Everyone has one.  I personally feel that it’s not worth the price behind the technology.  So last week, my friend act_deft linked me to a Mario Kart 8 green bundle going for 250 Euros.  I shared this on my personal Facebook and the topic was quite interesting.

Very interesting indeed it was because someone took it personal…

On Thursday I noticed that I had received a message in my other inbox.  I read it and it was from a Mr. Robert Parker.  He thought it was a great idea to not just write me a flame message, but a flame essay.

Okay people, sit back, relax, get your popcorn and soda, this is one hell of a read…

  • Conversation started Wednesday
  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker

    Hey, dumbass, the WiiU is NOT an over-priced piece of shit console!!!! I have one and it’s worth every penny. It costs less than the XBOX 1 and PS4 MORON!!! How is it over-priced when it’s the least expensive of the new consoles?????????????? Oh, right, IT ISN’T!!!!! Of course it’s a little pricier than the original Wii. It does more than the Wii and comes with more stuff. And it generally comes with atleast 1 game. Mine came with 2 games so that adds to it some also. It was still less than buying the console and the games separately. Lego City: Undercover is an exclusive WiiU game and the city is absolutely massive. The system is worth the price just for that game. It’s different from every other Lego game out there. The NEW Super Mario Brothers is a really well done, the worlds are numerous and well done. That’s just a couple of the games for it. Bottom line is that it’s way cheaper than the other consoles (ps4, xbox 1) and you’re basing your idiotic decision on completely inaccurate facts. I own a Wii, WiiU and an XBOX 360. That’s right, I own both Wii consoles!!!!!!!! The Wii and 360 are in my bedroom and the WiiU is in the living room. The WiiU has a virtual Wii built into it so you can play all the Wii games if you so choose as well. So, for the price, you’re actually getting 2 systems for the price of one. You get the physical WiiU system and the virtual Wii as well. You can swap between the U and the Wii very easily. You can video chat on it, you can, using the internet, watch youtube, hulu+, do netflix on it, etc. Not to mention that the control pad it comes with can act like a universal remote for your tv. Not only that but, if you’re playing a game and someone wants to watch tv, you don’t have to stop playing, you can use the control pad to turn the tv back on and continue playing on the control pad without missing anything. How is it not worth it again??????????? The viewing screen on the control pad is a touch screen which adds a whole new dimension to things as well. In Lego City it acts as the city map while you see and play the game on your tv. You can scroll the map just by rubbing your finger over the touch screen. Or you can use the stylus it comes with if you want. The police station acts as the main hub. Buying things is no longer as linear as in previous Lego games. you have an area just for buying all the different characters and there are like 8-10 different classifications of characters with each classification having anywhere from say 10 to 30 different characters, there’s another area next to it where you buy the vehicles which is set up the same way. and another area above that for buying the 40 red bricks. There are over 400 gold bricks to buy. About 200 characters and about as many vehicles. There are tons of things you have to do and find all over the city to unlock the character tokens, gold bricks, some of the red bricks. It’s 2 much stuff to list. Again the city is massive. Finding everything is no easy task and is fun and challenging to do. The control pad can also act as a scanner in the game with full 360 range on it so you don’t miss anything. With the scanner you can locate things u might not otherwise see and then mark them on your map. There are all types of car chases of one sort or another to do which unlock things, criminal chases both in car and on foot and more. There is so much to do it’s unreal. The story mode is 15 chapters long. You will not finish it in one sitting unless you just sat there and played it all day long nonstop and that likely wouldn’t do it. That’s just for that one game and doesn’t even cover all of it! But, please, keep being a whiny bitch and acting like a 5 year old spoiled girl!!!! I’ll keep right on enjoying my WiiU and all it has to offer!!!!!!!”

    Wow, that was one hell of a read wasn’t it?  Still with me?  Good.

    Mr. Robert Parker, I thank you for your sad attempt of a flame.  You could not get your point across.  Please stop.  The WiiU is an overpriced piece of crap because of the technology behind it.  For $299 you get a tablet controller, and two Wii consoles duct taped together.  The technology that powers the WiiU is not worth the price behind it.  The system itself is worth $249… If that.  As you can see, the console is so underpowered that most third-party developers won’t port PS3/360 games to it.  I only see two games on the system I want, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart 8.

    I once had this discussion over the PS3 and 360.  I got the 360 first because it has games I would play.  Later I got the 360.  Good sir, trying to persuade me that your daughter loves the system doesn’t even help.  Giving me a game review of Lego City Undercover doesn’t help your cause.  I played that game two years ago at PAX East.

    I ask that next you try to flame anyone, please be precise, and on topic… Thank you.

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