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What I am about to write is probably one of the most emotionally driven posts ever.  It’s because of the feedback on this subject, and how my personal Facebook became a war zone about it.  It wasn’t originally, but when you’re dealing with someone who is a bully, it makes things quite more complicated.  I don’t expect a lot of people to to take my side on this.  What I do expect is people to simply understand my point, is all.  And what am I talking about?  This notion of 28 days of black cosplay.

Waking up last Sunday to someone telling me about it, I pretty much exploded.  It didn’t help that I didn’t have my coffee yet.  I said that it’s bullshit.  And it still is.  The fact that this is going on concurrently with Black History Month bothers me.  Black History Month is when we talk about famous black people who did amazing things.  People like W.E.B. DuBois, Harriet Tubman, Maya Angelou, Crispus Attuckus, Madame C. J. Walker.  That’s just a handful of black people who gave back.  These are people who we talk about who are/were prominent names in Black History.

So I ask you all this… Who are the black cosplayers we are going to talk about in history class?  The answer is no one.  I cannot think of any black cosplayer people are going to talk about in that sense.  Now, if this was to happen after Black History Month, as a celebration to extend, then I would not have a problem with it.  The fact that this is going concurrent with Black History Month will give people the wrong idea.  That’s one of the two problems I have with it.

Now, as for the second problem… This goes back to my Facebook post where I said cosplayers like me, Card Captor Will, Honey Bunny, Byron Spiegal, Black Chocobo Rock would never be posted.  I said that in a joking sense, but in the reality of it, we wouldn’t.  It feels as if the current state of the community don’t remember us and what we did.  And as one person asked, what did we do for the community?  Simple.  We did all the cosplay related things when people assumed it wasn’t okay.  We cosplayed, ran panels, helped run masquerades, we did all of that.  If the 28 Days of Cosplay mentioned along the lines of cosplayers such as us, then okay.  Just be like “thanks guys”.  We all cosplayed during a time where there weren’t many black cosplayers.  We did it for fun, not to make a point of being black cosplayers.

I know that to some in the community they may feel that what my reasonings aren’t good enough.  Well too bad.  Hell, there are black cosplayers on 4chan who are against this.  They feel that this isn’t being done for the right reasons.  They feel that this is a ploy to stay relevant.  One person said that the reasoning for this is because there isn’t enough black cosplayers out there.  Listen, when I started in 1999, there weren’t that many black and minority cosplayers.  But over the last ten or so years, times have changed.  There are a high number of black and minority cosplayers out there at conventions having a good time.  If you’re not seeing them, maybe you’re blind, I dunno.

This posting was a bit of an emotionally charged one.  Where this found me a quandary of doubting myself, of who I am.  I found myself being bullied because I did not agree with the intentions of this.  I had to remove myself from the situation for a few, get my confidence back, have my friends remind me of who I am and where I came from.

So let me say this…

Harry, I don’t know you.  You don’t know me.  I do know that your black pride is lot stronger than mine.  I do not have a problem with you, never have, never will.  Let it be known that I showed you all the respect in the world, something you did not show me.  Seeing your responses to me shows how belligerent, ignorant, childish, and arrogant you are… Just because you couldn’t accept my decisions on how to handle the situation.  You know what, Katsucon is this week.  I am still more than willing to bake bread and discuss things with you like you previously suggested.  But something you did say is correct.  I’m not your brother.  Anyone who isn’t willing to understand or respect someone else’s views is not a brother to anyone.  Also, calling for backup doesn’t help your cause.  I held my own against you, but you needed help.  I may not have fared well, but I went down swinging.


  1. So, this is the editorial?
    Ok, before I get started, please note I still do have screen caps of things that not only you said, but what was said between you and I. Please keep that in mind before you try to deny what you said.
    So, let’s take this point for point since you still aren’t seeing the grand picture.
    1. Yes, you called 28 Days, BS…furthermore you even had the nerve to say that those featured were probably going to be ‘ratchet’. But also let’s not forget about the fact that you were upset because your claim was that you didn’t get invited. Let’s also mention that you along with so many others were told that NO ONE NEEDED AN INVITE to be involved. This wasn’t something where a Willie Wonka ticket was going to magically appear that granted you the privilege to take a part of this. ANYONE who saw fit to join in could do so with little effort. So that whole idea of you and your friends never being posted is disingenuous as the ONLY way you wouldn’t be featured is if you of your OWN volition didn’t use the hashtag. Ok, maybe you didn’t know this but there was no secret meetings held or hidden agendas as to who was chosen. The word went out far and wide to ANYONE who wanted to join in and even if they weren’t “featured”, nothing in the world was stopping ANYONE from getting on all avenues of social media and posting pictures of themselves or anyone and using it. By the way have you even bothered to look at the responses on twitter? Have you seen the sheer amount of people of their own volition who are posting stories of themselves and their friends? Sorry, there is NO CONSPIRACY HERE to keep you away from doing this. And you want a ‘thank you guys’ for what you did? Sir, come on, most of us in the community don’t know what you did or what you are doing. Hell, a lot of people don’t know what I did or what I am doing. THAT IS ONE OF THE PURPOSES OF WHY WE ARE DOING THIS. Nobody is psychic. Let me ask you, before you went on this tirade of being ‘forgotten’ by other cosplayers, did you ever once come forward and identify yourself to anyone and say ‘hey, I want in on this project’? Did you email, text, tag, or call anyone? No. You wanted people to come to you and that’s not how this works.
    2. 4Chan. The moment you mention this is when your entire editorial falls apart. You actually have the nerve to give weight to an anonymous message board of anonymous posters who you cannot rightly identify as people who are against this? You took these people seriously? Please, for the record, name these black cosplayers on 4Chan who are also against what we are doing. Let me clue you in on something. 4Chan is probably the closest you will ever get to actually sitting in on a Klan meeting. 4Chan is the place where people go to say things about others that they are too frightened to post under their own ID online. Even my own so called ‘friend’ is too cowardly to say it on my wall or to me directly. You know why? BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ. These so called people against this movement have yet to show up to my wall and why? Because they are smart enough to know that they don’t want to lose their credibility by coming out as being idiots against something so positive that we are doing. You also conveniently left out the fact that those same anonymous trolls have talked shit about you as well.
    3. You started cosplaying in 1999. That’s great. I started 10 years after you. I refuse to make this a dick-swinging contest about who did it longer because I have friends (real flesh and blood people) I can point you to that have been doing this far longer than either of us have and THEY are proud and support the effort of what we are doing. With that said, you did it for 10 years, times have changed and yeah there are a HIGH number more of Black cosplayers at shows. We both can agree on that point. BUT… there are still segments of the community that shun us. There are still segments of the community where you are still thought of as a lesser because of your color. There are still many people out there who were and are afraid to cosplay because they want to be seen more as the “Black Superman” or the “Black Captain Marvel” or whatever. Times have not changed as much as to where people respect us enough to see that. Your time on 4Chan should teach you as much. Just because you started doing something ten years ago doesn’t mean you should stop and rest on your laurels. Which is what you are doing. What’s backwards about your whole argument is while you are busy looking for invites and special attention for your efforts, if you thought you was so much of a pioneer in what you did, you have to ask, why hasn’t the rest of the community heard of you enough to have made you a ‘priority’ to come to YOU and say HEY ADAM, lead the effort. HEY ADAM, you have been doing this for over 15 years, GET IN THE FOREFRONT AND LEAD. It’s because your name hasn’t gone beyond the circle that you are in. And yes, I don’t know you…because you haven’t made an effort to be known. Which leads to my last point.
    4. You think I bullied you. Fine, I will take that. When asking someone direct questions is bullying, then sure, I can take that especially seeing that you couldn’t answer those questions. But I never threatened you. I never called you a name except a liar because, well…you lied about never knowing about a post. But that is neither here nor there. What I will say about you is that I think you are poorly informed about this movement and selfish in the sense in that the many times it’s been told to you what little you needed to be involved is that you acted like the world was supposed to revolve around you in order for this movement to happen. I can accept your decision to not participate in this. That is your right. What I cannot accept is for someone to continue belittling what we are doing without ever being able to answer simple questions as to why they disagree with this movement. Even in this so called editorial you have yet to answer the bell. Your editorial is the response of a petulant child who was waiting for some attention that has been told time again to just go do it. Simple questions I have asked you time and again that you have failed to answer time and time again.
    – Why is having a movement which has already helped people showcase themselves in such a positive light a bad thing?
    – What is wrong in having a positive movement that inspires kids who hardly see positive images of Black people on TV, in movies, or in comics such a bad thing?
    – What is wrong with having a movement that is inspiring people who were too scared to cosplay because they were Black to now do this?
    Those are questions you need to be able to answer. I cannot respect anyone who cannot adequately defend their argument. I cannot respect anyone that in order to ‘save face’ feels a need to censor those by deleting comments, locking threads and blocking people. I cannot respect anyone that feels that in order to not look bad in front of their virtual peers that they need to have a private message time with me. I cannot abide by this. You want to find out who your true ‘friends’ are, say what you have to say in front of them and stick to your convictions. That is why we are not brothers because people who I call brothers, sisters and also important FRIENDS, are NOT cowards. My friends are people who are not afraid to speak their mind whether we agree to it or not. And if blocking me on facebook is what you call holding your own, I would love to see how silent you are with me in a face to face.
    And for clarity’s sake for the last time, if you or ANYONE reading wants to be involved in this, it’s a simple as finding a picture of yourself in your cosplay, posting it on social media and using the hashtag of #28DaysofBlackCosplay. There is no invite needed at all to do it. So simple even a caveman can do it. Try proving to me that you are smarter than a caveman or just remain silent if you aren’t for this cause because without a good reason for why you are not for it, you just make yourself look smaller and smaller.

  2. You can post the screencaps if you want. All they do is backup what I said here. Like I said, you don’t have to agree with me, but at least understand my POV. It is not needed for you to get butthurt because one black cosplayer out of many do not agree with you. I already proven that I am smarter than you. You already made yourself look like a fool on my Facebook. Just remember who here was acting like a pompous jackass.

    And from reading your comment, simply proves you TL;DR’d my editorial. You are an ignorant troll.

  3. Not my fault you’re the 1% that can’t understand me. But yeah, I’ll see you this weekend. First drink is on me, because on the real, I’d like to talk to you. 🙂

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