Pixels – It Really Was Good!

You’re prolly looking at the title and thing I’m bullshitting you.  But I’m not.  I saw the trailer during the Super Bowl I believe… From that point on, I knew I had to see this.  At lease we now know why the game Pac-Man was licensed as a film.  Some are saying that there will be an actual Pac-Man film, but I’m thinking otherwise, ya know?  So lemme tell you more about this flick.  FYI, possible spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned…

So here’s the deal, it’s the typical save the planet from alien invaders storyline.  Three friends who play arcade and crane games.  One becomes a recluse conspiracist, one is an A/V installer, and the other becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.  All three, with a rival, join forces to fight alien invaders in a series of video games, Pac-Man, Centipede, and Donkey Kong.  But it’s easier than it looks, lol.

Now a lot of people are saying the movie is trash.  I figure that would come from the XBox Generation, you know, the kids that don’t go to the arcades and trash talk each other online.  Also along with Adam Sandler haters.  You gotta admit, he did put out a few stinkers (Jack & Jill, The Cobbler…), but in this film, he was very toned down.  Sorta like he was back in his early ages of movies.

Now if you grew up hanging out in the arcades like me playing videogames, this is right up your alley.  If you played these classic arcade games in rom format and you can understand the significance of these classic games, this is up your alley.

I did have two issues with the film… One was Duck Hunt and Tetris, those games were not out in 1982!  Also, where can I get my own Q*Bert sidekick?!

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  1. I enjoyed Pixels, I loved all the 80s references.

    As for how Duck Hunt and Tetris is in the movie, Its quite possible that the aliens did a bit more research, and discovered more 80s arcade games after 1982.

    They could have monitored signals coming from earth, which had more video game footage.

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