Humble Pie

I originally opened up this blog as a place to post my frustrations.  At the time, LiveJournal wasn’t cutting it.  Some stuff I would talk about would come back and bite me in the ass because there are people on my friends list that would attack me for it, when I wasn’t asking to be attacked.  After opening up this blog, I dropped so much heavy stuff, and I didn’t care.  Eventually I felt that I needed to vent on what’s I thought was wrong with cosplay and how to fix it.  But all that stopped when I met someone.  Someone really chill.

It’s no surprise that when I talk about what I think is wrong with the cosplay community, it can ruffle feathers.  I tell it like it is.  I’ve called people out for their crap.  If I can own up to my issues, so can you.  But that recently changed.

I have gone to NJ Comic Anime Con back in June.  What’s becoming very popular now is having cosplay guests.  Some of you know my thoughts on this, some do not.  But that is a story for another time.  Personally, I do not care who is “cosfamous” or not.  As long as you are cool and don’t mind your picture being taken, it’s all good.

So this particular con had a few there.  I know a couple, so it would be no big thang to get pictures.  Other cosplayers I didn’t know, but you’d know there wouldn’t be any problems getting pictures.  So as I was walking through the venue for photos, I ended up asking Riddle for a few photos.  I know who she is, I’ve watched Heroes of Cosplay, I have friends who know her.  So to me it’s whatevs, right?

So I ask her for a few photos, and I take them.  And I hand her my card.  Now before she looked at it, she replied, “I know who you are.”  It’s far and few that I’d react where the blood would drain from my face, but I did.  I’ve been known to say some real outlandish shit.  I had this fear that something I said would come back and bit me on the ass.

But it didn’t.  She was very sweet.  We talked about old school anime and whatnot.  So I showed her my Tenchi Muyo! and MLP group from DCC, and she loved it.  We chatted some more, but then I had to get back to my press duties.  And it had me thinking.  Maybe I am being to hard to brash.  Maybe I do need to relax and enjoy life more.  I may not like what’s going on in the community, but maybe it’s best to keep most thoughts to myself and live life.

After that con, I decided to open up my blog to talk about things more than just cosplay, as per my intentions from the start.  I’m not sure what I plan to talk about, but I do know I’ll be putting a better positive spin on it.

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