A Turd in The Punch Bowl

Greetings one and all.  It has been a while since I have blogged.  There’s been a lot of interesting things in my life lately.  Things I do want to talk about, to clear the air about.  But that will be for another time.  But I want to repost my post from my fan page that got me suspended for three days.  For some of you, you’re prolly thinking, “Ha, good for you!” Okay, cool. For the rest asking, here’s what happened…

I am going to copy, word for word my FB post that invoked the three day suspension… BTW, once I am back on FB, I will update this blog with proper hyperlinks

So I’ll make this brief. There’s a cosplayer by the name of Samurai Titans/Hioshi Josh Jackson. He is under the delusion of grandeur that he inspired a character from RWBY. He has pretty much rubbed cosplayers the wrong way, is quite brash, and arrogant, and thinks highly of himself. His latest stint is that he owes a commissioner money for armor for a cosplay. And now word has traveled that he has been arrested by the Feds on Human Trafficking charges, outstanding warrants, etc.

Yes, that’s a straight jacket he’s wearing, he is on medication for mental problems. People are saying that he is not connected to the federal charge. This is what was relayed to me earlier today…

  1. He turned out his ex girlfriend, Val.
  2. He would pressure women into stripping down and being naked in his con rooms, because he would be naked too. This came from someone who turned his offer of crash space.
  3. More info can be found on this blog – http://vi-stands-for-valerie.tumblr.com/

And after reading her blog, it’s just sad. FYI, it’s also NSFW. It’s just sad seeing this. I’ll tell you what tho, he’s is not a insult nor a blight on the cosplay community. He does not represent us. He did make us look bad for a short while, but everything else he’s guilty is of his own volition, and he only has his himself to blame. But if the accusations are true, it does explain the reason as to how he had all of that money to hit up so many conventions. Hioshi, Josh, whatever your name is… Get your shit together and square up.

EDIT: I have been asked to remove the blog. They mean to remove the link. I said that I will remove the link once tumblr shuts it down. But my thing is this… Your personal information has been up on that blog for months, and now you’re getting upset over it? Right…

And this brings us to now.  Maybe because I linked back to his Samurai Titans page, two people messaged me.  One being Valerie his ex.  She pretty much screamed at me saying that it is not her blog, I would never post my personal information, etc.. I simply asked who does the blog belong to.  She said that it was none of my business, fine.  Then right after that, another person by the name Thomas messages me saying that this blog was run by someone else, it is not her, and to remove the blog.

So this is the interesting part… How do I remove a blog that isn’t mine?  I know they meant the link to the blog.  I told them both that they should contact tumblr and have them suspend/remove the blog.  Why anyone would want to make a blog post about their sexcapades, promoting prostitution, posting sexual videos that you can tell were recorded without the guy’s permission is beyond me.  I do know that this is Valerie’s blog.  I was also told that Hioshi either posted on the blog, commented, etc, whatever.

Now, let’s get to where I violated Facebook’s Community Standards…

From reading it, it may fall under Bullying and Harassment.  I’m not sure.  I never posted any of Val’s information.  I just posted a link to the blog where it can be found, among other things.  If that’s what makes me guilty, then you know what?  I’m guilty.

Now, I’ve thought about creating a new account to get back in, but then I realized that instead of doing that, I should take the next three days to relax, and do the things.  Catch up with games, photos, videos, all that good stuff.

UPDATE: Another article has come out about Joshua “Hioshi” Jackson / Samurai Titans here – http://www.wfaa.com/news/crime/affidavit-man-lived-in-dorm-with-unt-student-forced-her-into-sex-trafficking/204406050

But what I find interesting is that the two people in question popped up to ask me to remove the link to the tumblr blog when I tagged Samurai Titans.  I believe that that these two people still run that Facebook page and believe that Joshua Jackson is still somewhat innocent of these charges.  I believe that Val had Josh, along with other people to secretly record her with clients.  She also has an amateur Porn Hub profile, complete with pictures and videos here.

I would have posted the conversation between me and Valerie, but they are not in my inbox.  Whether it’s because she has block my page or whathaveyou, it is what it is.  From my brief interaction with her, she is a deeply troubled woman who needs therapy.  I do hope that she does find the help that she needs.  As Joshua…As mental as you are, I guess you should be thankful that you still have friends who think you’re innocent and/or still believe in you.  Just remember this… When you’re bent over, make sure you bite that pillow hard.


  1. sooooo, being good person and sharing dangerous people is bullying.
    So what about the people actually DOING the bullying/harrassment?
    Sounds like being a good person only hurt you, but that’s what being a good person means. I back you up.

  2. Hi, I know this is an old post but I just found it doing some research about something that happened to me probably around 2014. A cosplayer introduced me to Jackson before a convention bc we had related cosplays. Along with being on his panel, he offered me and my friend (THEN-UNDERAGE FEMALES) a free photoshoot. My stranger danger alarm went off. When I asked for the photographers information he became extremely angry and I stopped contact. I had seen posts calling him out for lying and fraud but seeing that he was arrested for human trafficking absolutely shook me to the bone. I’m so glad I didn’t put my friend and myself into a dangerous situation.

    1. Hey. It’s all good. I am glad that your stranger danger alarm went off and you were very cautious and took care of your friend. Now he’s going to do time in Club Fed.

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