And For Something Somewhat Completely New

I would have thought that my first blog post back from my lazy hiatus would be about an interesting storyline I was in back in February, not that Hioshi Jackson fucker.  What I am going to discuss is how my opinion on something that was hotly discussed in the black cosplay community, got me called out, lost friends, and in the end, I stopped caring because it’s less toxic people in my life.  Plus I want to address the situation too.  Normally I’d just ignore it and move on with more important things in my life, but I just want to say a few things and move on.  I’m also shutting off comments, because I feel this will be last I speak on this subject.

And now, let’s talk 28 Days of Black Cosplay, Part Deux!

BTW, the main reason as to why I’m bringing this up is because of a couple of Facebook groups I was in wanted to know why.

As much I wanted to say something mean about that, I opted not to.  Was not needed to fan the flames.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of this.  If you would like to know why, just scroll back a few posts, I wrote up my reasons.  So, lets go back to massacre in San Bernadino, CA.  One of the victims was a known black cosplayer.  A former admin of the POC Group, Jessica Green made a post saying that she was going to dedicate the event to her.

And that’s where I popped off.  I wasn’t angry about the dedication.  I was angry about how it was done.  There have been times on my podcast that I have dedicated episodes to people who have passed on.  I have given their name, connection to me, information about the person, and then put any info on services or donations.

None of that was there.  So I took her screencap, posted it on my personal Facebook, and called her out.  I’ll admit, I didn’t explain my call out.  I said it in a very generic comment, I didn’t say anything in regards to the paragraph above.  But I am thankful that some people understood my view and got it.  After that posting, two things happened… I lost a few friends (some I’ve known for years) and I was roasted pretty hard on the POC Cosplayers group.

As for the POC group, a few people told me what was going on (I had already left the group).  People were coming out of the woodwork and saying some real hurtful and outlandish things about me.  Lies, slander, you name it.  Anything you can think of, was said about me.  I was more worried about this info getting back to my job, but I knew that the flames would put itself out in due time. One of the people leading this charge was a cosplayer by the name of Makiba (Makida, whatever) Hinds.  You may know her as Maki Rolle. I won’t go any further because this is a story for another time.

After my initial post, I noticed a few cosplayers I was chill with, up and unfriended me.  I really wasn’t too terribly bothered by it, tho.  But I will admit that it did sting.  I would have expected a private message about the situation.  But when you’re guilty in the court of public opinion, and some people are looking for you to make a mistake like that, it happens.  Also, these people I barely spoke to, so I really couldn’t call them a friend.  Would I ever refriend them?  Probably not, I have better friends to hang out with.  But I wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Despite the fact that I said my peace on this “event” last year, I just wanted to address this. People have said some real outlandish and disgusting things about me, which is pure hearsay.  I’ve already said that if you can prove or find solid evidence of these allegations, I’ll explain the context and own up.  But since I’ve never did anything that was accused of, I’ll just leave it at that.

As for context, I did make a statement that was misconstrued.  I said that if would be nice if me and Card Captor Will would be on this list, and that I removed myself from any posts in regards to 28 Days of Black Cosplay.  What I said was in a joking sense, and the truth is that I didn’t want to be associated with it.  But I do understand how others saw me being salty.  Fine, whatever. And I was tagged in various posts about it.  I removed them.  I explicitly said that I did not want to be associated with that.

Yeah so I fumbled the ball on that.

So why bring that up?  Closure I suppose.  It’s prolly too late, but not for me.  This is something I wanted to get off my chest.  Also, everytime I’d write about this, I’d find myself spewing insults, and it was not needed.

That’s it.  You can go back to your regularly scheduled life.