And For Something Somewhat Completely New

I would have thought that my first blog post back from my lazy hiatus would be about an interesting storyline I was in back in February, not that Hioshi Jackson fucker.  What I am going to discuss is how my opinion on something that was hotly discussed in the black cosplay community, got me called out, lost friends, and in the end, I stopped caring because it’s less toxic people in my life.  Plus I want to address the situation too.  Normally I’d just ignore it and move on with more important things in my life, but I just want to say a few things and move on.  I’m also shutting off comments, because I feel this will be last I speak on this subject.

And now, let’s talk 28 Days of Black Cosplay, Part Deux!

BTW, the main reason as to why I’m bringing this up is because of a couple of Facebook groups I was in wanted to know why.

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A Turd in The Punch Bowl

Greetings one and all.  It has been a while since I have blogged.  There’s been a lot of interesting things in my life lately.  Things I do want to talk about, to clear the air about.  But that will be for another time.  But I want to repost my post from my fan page that got me suspended for three days.  For some of you, you’re prolly thinking, “Ha, good for you!” Okay, cool. For the rest asking, here’s what happened…

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Photoshoot Event: Love Live School Idol Movie Premiere

So on this fine Saturday, I grabbed my camera and hit up the Love Live: School Idol Movie.  I am thankful that I got my ticket early because the line was jam packed!  But what was awesome was the fact that I did run into people from the prior Love Live photoshoot that I did.  So please, enjoy!




Love Live SIP Movie Premiere
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Photoshoot Event: Love Live School Idol Project Movie Walkabout

So here I am, in NYC, surrounded by Muse.  They want to check out the sights and sounds of the city.  But they also want it documented.  So this is where I come in.  So join the idols as they explore around Midtown Manhattan, and the joys that come with it!  Also, did I mention that they’re celebrating Nico and Honoka’s birthdays?  That’s because they are! 🙂


Love Live SIP Movie Walkabout
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