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Photoshoot Event: Love Live School Idol Movie Premiere

So on this fine Saturday, I grabbed my camera and hit up the Love Live: School Idol Movie.  I am thankful that I got my ticket early because the line was jam packed!  But what was awesome was the fact that I did run into people from the prior Love Live photoshoot that I did.  So please, enjoy!




Love Live SIP Movie Premiere
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Photoshoot Event: Love Live School Idol Project Movie Walkabout

So here I am, in NYC, surrounded by Muse.  They want to check out the sights and sounds of the city.  But they also want it documented.  So this is where I come in.  So join the idols as they explore around Midtown Manhattan, and the joys that come with it!  Also, did I mention that they’re celebrating Nico and Honoka’s birthdays?  That’s because they are! 🙂


Love Live SIP Movie Walkabout
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9th Annual NYC Dance Parade

My original plan was to just show up, take pictures of the cosplayers, and go home.  But what I was not expecting was to see a myriad of colors!  So many people, so many cultures, so many styles of dancing!  I ended up sticking around and taking pictures of pretty much the whole event.

9th Annual NYC Dance Parade
Aperture: 5.6Camera: Canon EOS REBEL SL1Iso: 200
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Event Photos: Crissy and Friends

So just about every single Sakura Matsuri, I run into my sister Crissy.  She usually wears a kimono, Priestess Rei Hino, or something appropriate for the event.  When I run into her, I end up taking a few pictures for her website, Sailor Moon Avatars.  But this time, now that I have my new camera and she was with a few mutual friends of mine, I decided to snap photos of us for today.

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