PNE Rules

This list comes to you, courtesy of Aniyah Lyszt, founder of Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment. Find us on Facebook or at
Anybody who wants to use this document as a reference for their future convention endeavours is welcomed and encouraged to do so, so long as you credit the original source (Aniyah Lyszt and Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment).
You may use this document to help your friends, family, anime club, etc. Make changes as you see fit.
This list has been in the works since 2012 and is being added to as the years pass and new breeds of asshattery are born.
Blessed be, and happy con-going! Hope to see you there!

Not a rule, but a consideration:

The convention itself is Friday all day through Sunday til around 5 or 6. Do you REALLY need to bring 6+ cosplays for a con that lasts, at most, 2.5 days? You likely won’t be there all day Friday because registration lines take a while, sometimes hours. Seriously…think of the limited space in a car and the hotel room. This goes doubly for large costumes, armour, etc. Same goes for large props. Think about it. Be considerate.

Just to preface this list; I am well aware that a majority of the content on this list should be common sense or common courtesy…….and alas, neither of those things are common. Adjust the list as you see fit for your own purposes. Any suggestions to add? Email and we may add your suggestion to the list!

Rules of the Con Hotel Room

  1. Pay your part of the room fee. If you drop out you must find a person to serve as your replacement or you don’t get your money back. Why? It’s not fair to the rest of the room to have to pay more money than they agreed to because you dropped out. The organizer also shouldn’t have to bear that expense, as they are the one putting the effort and hassle of organizing the room, collecting payments, etc. Plan ahead.
  2. Any damage done to the room will result in those responsible covering the additional expenses applied to the organizers credit card. If those responsible do not confess to causing the damage, the entire room or group of suspected individuals will share the additional fees incurred.
  3. Do not harass each other. This goes without saying.
  4. Understand that we are a co-ed room (yes, there may be couples!). Don’t worry, canoodling is to be kept to a minimum and there will not be sexual intercourse of any kind in shared beds….because that’s just gross. If the rest of the roommates don’t care, take it to the showers, people! Please don’t be obnoxious and loud about it either. Manners matter!
  5. There will be people changing clothes and likely walking around in their underclothes. We’re all big kids…..WE CAN HANDLE THIS TACTFULLY, yes? Good. (**Takes shirt off**)
  6. Keep PDA to a tactful level (ex. no sloppy makeouts in front of everyone…unless they ask for it).
  7. Leave all your personal drama at the door. This is not DramaCon. (Good manga though!)
  8. Pick a designated part/corner of the hotel room and make it your own. NO SLEEPING IN THE BATHTUB EITHER. People have to use the bathroom at night, and it would be most unpleasant to stroll into the bathroom to pee and see some weirdo is sleeping in the chilly embrace of the bleached porcelain next to you. No thank you.
  9. Do NOT monopolize the bathroom space. This means that you are not to spend more than 1 hour at a time with the bathroom closed off. It is one thing to be sick and needing the bathroom, but other people need to use it as well. You are not to take up the entire sink and bathroom area with your makeup and toiletries, as well. If you are having some kind of emotional issues, you need to find a way to handle things NOT in the bathroom that everyone needs to use. See the ‘Leave all your personal drama at the door’ rule.
  10. Keep your spot clean and organized. If we are tripping over your shit, there’s a chance it might get lost, moved or broken. This brings me to the next rule.
  11. Don’t bring anything that you don’t can’t bear to lose. Commotion happens in groups. Be prepared.
  12. SHOWER!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHOWER AT LEAST TWICE OVER THE WEEKEND!!! That does not mean hopping in the shower, then out, then in again, ya smartass. Courtesy rule: if someone bears a particularly unsavoury odor, then find a tactful way to give them the hint. Don’t be mean, though! You want them to make friends, not repel them.
  13. Respect the nappers. If people are napping in the room during the day, please try to keep the noise levels down if you’re just stopping by to grab something then leaving again.
  14. Abide by the designated curfew (if one is designated). If you want to sleep in the room, be back by this time. If you want to stay up all night, rave and hit all of late night panels, that’s fine, but you won’t be let into the room by anybody else who is sleeping if you forgot your room key. (If you didn’t get your own room key, ask to borrow someone else’s, then return it to them when they are awake.) If you knock and wake us up, we’ll not only leave you in the hall, but be very angry with you too. If you have a room key and can get back in, don’t be tripping over everybody to get to your spot. Choose a spot closer to the door if you know you’ll be out late.
  15. Don’t sleep in the hotel halls. It’ll get you kicked out by the staff. We won’t be able to save you either.
  16. Understand that if you are trying to sleep during a high traffic time in the room (ex. before midnight) then you are likely going to get woken up. Do not complain about it, please. The curfew is when everyone must have the lights out and electronic devices off. Times before 12 are generally when everyone starts to pile in at night, get meals and drinks, and chat about how awesome their day is. THIS IS PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. Rule of thumb: before midnight, people will be louder and talk a lot. Between 1 – 2 AM things should quiet down and become more relaxed so we can all unwind (and not get noise violations).
  17. Be mindful of your volume levels. Don’t disturb the neighbours or get us kicked out for noise violations. This goes double for people who are rooming Con-style (i.e. More people than technically allowed in the room. Let’s be real here…it happens, so let’s not pretend that it doesn’t.)
  18. Make sure the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign stays on the hotel door at all times, lest the hotel housekeeping staff come into the room and discover all the extra people in there (again, this only applies to people rooming Con-style).
  19. If everyone is ok with it, I will allow alcohol in the room. IT WILL NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. If we allow alcohol, then I absolutely emphasize the importance of rules 15 & 16.
  20. Don’t invite lots of guests (namely ones we don’t know well) back to the room without first contacting the person in charge of room(s). I want to be sure everyone’s stuff is safe. If we all know these guests (mutual friends) they’re welcome to hang out, but they just can’t stay in our room for the night.
  21. People with medical conditions & drivers who are transporting multiple people with their car get first dibs on beds. It is recommended that you bring an extra pillow or blanket unless you bank on sleeping in a bed. Same with bath towels. Unless you want to re-use someone else’s, I recommend one for yourself.
  22. If you are in a bed, you WILL BE SHARING IT with at least 2 other people, and this person/people may be of any age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. If you don’t want to share, you are on the floor. I don’t care if you are a driver. Don’t hog bed space when there are lots of other people in the room. We want as few on the floor as possible. Also, consult rule 10 again. NO DIRTY PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY IN A BED. I don’t want to spoon someone reeking of con funk.
  23. If you are going to bed in the evening, don’t go to bed with wet hair. The people sharing pillows and the bed with you will not appreciate the dampness.  
  24. Everybody contributes to the room food fund. (if one is established) You all MUST EAT & DRINK over the weekend, and ordering can be a huge hassle, so it’s nice to have the option to order or not. Also, don’t fret, this is the matter or maybe $5 tops. I can make a simple list and everybody can bring literally 1 item if that’s how we wish to play. Most, if not all, of these items can be bought at a Dollar Tree. I PROMISE. I don’t want to break all of your banks.
  25. Everybody must share their phone numbers with the group. This is for safety, and there is a list for just this reason. Find it under the Files section of the Facebook hotel group page.
  26. If you are wearing any kind of body-paint DO NOT SIT ON THE BEDS OR LEAN ON THE WALLS. Did you know that we can get charged for additional fees and damages if they find that crap on the walls? Same with the showers! If you shower and leave a stained mess in the shower or sink, YOU BEST BELIEVE THAT YOU NEED TO CLEAN IT UP. I don’t care if you have to use your Burt’s Bee’s makeup wipes that you paid too much for. It will be a lot cheaper for you to be an adult and clean up your own mess than to pay the additional cleaning fees if you don’t.
    Oh, and you’ll never be invited to a room with us again if you leave a huge mess. Just sayin.
  27. On the night before checkout (typically Saturday night for Sunday AM checkout), begin packing items that you will not be using for the rest of the weekend and get them back into designated vehicles for transport. This will prevent pandemonium from happening on Sunday AM, and will allow for a quick and easy checkout process. No late fees or stress generally makes for leaving the con on a high note.
  28. Don’t make assumptions about your roommates. If you do not know these people, do not be angry with them for not knowing your personality or your every need, want and quirk. If they do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t be mean or blow up on them. Calmly say ‘Hey, I know you didn’t mean anything by this, but that makes me a little uneasy.’

    It’s not hard to be nice….so do it.


  1. Know when hotel breakfast hours are (if breakfast is included), as well as checkout time. Missing a complimentary meal, which is often a selling point of a hotel, can lead to a plethora of butthurt feelings and low blood sugar. (Low blood sugar also leads to butthurt feelings!)

  2. Be sure that you get enough room keys and distribute them to groups of people BEFORE going to con! This is especially important if you are rooming Con-style. With additional people in the room, you will have to subtly ask for extra room keys ‘just in case you lose one or one gets de-magnetized by a phone’. GIVE THEM OUT TO YOUR ROOMIES TO PREVENT ANNOYING ISSUES LATER!