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Photoshoot: Android 18 – Dragon Ball Z

So I was walking around Central Park and I saw this chick, pissed off, ready to kill.  I asked her what’s wrong, and she was ready to wreck this planet.  Normally I would tell her to do it, but nah.  I asked her for a deal.  If I could take some great photos of her, she’d leave the planet alone.  Needless to say, Earth is still here.



Cosplayer: M I S S I S S I P P I
Social Media: Facebook
Character: Android 18
Series: Dragon Ball Z

Android 18 Dragon Ball Z
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Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer Screencaps

So the trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal has been leaked!  And since y’all really liked the last screen caps I did, so here are 33 more shots you can use for cosplay references and wallpaper for your computer, phone, and/or tablet.  Enjoy!  Click below to get to them!


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Sailor Moon Crystal Wallpaper

I really didn’t think I’d wake up to see like 14,000 hits over the wallpaper images I made from the release print of Sailor Moon Crystal.  Even with Facebook cutting down resolution quality, it was still superb quality.  So being the cut, you’ll find the three images I made, but the original resolution.  As soon as more images come out, I shall edit and post them.  For the record, these are cut well to work with your Android phone, tablet, or iOS device.  If you can make them work as wallpaper for your desktop, you’re the man now dog. Read more

Cornbread, Homestuck, and Me.

Before any of y’all start sending me mail about Homestuck and so forth, let me say my two cents.  I have grown to accept it for what it is.

I always hate when something gets popular and people throw it in my face for me to read or watch it.  I will automatically hate on it because I do not like being told what to do in that way.  When the popularity of it dies down, then I will get into it.  Which is one of the reasons why it took me forever to get into NARUTO. Read more