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The Say Silence is Golden

But duct tape is silver.

Normally whenever an issue arises, I will explain myself.  But it’s come to where that no matter how many times I explain myself, most people don’t listen.  So, pretty much, I’m just not going to bother with it.

What brought this up?  Katsucon.  Be forewarned, this post may come off as passive/aggressive, only because I do not want to name names in this.  Long story short, two former friends tried to have me kicked out of the con.  But since each person had a different story, no blame was posted.

For two weeks, I lamented over the fact of should I talk about it.  I decided not to.  Only a few people in my select circle know what happened.  I am going to leave it at that.  I just want these two individuals to leave me alone and to stop poking their noses around in my personal life.  If they want to know so damn badly, just ask me.  I’m not that hard to find.

I’ll say this much tho… I’ve done some stupid shit in my life, but I’ve always owned up to it.  But I have never gotten a woman drunk just to have sex with her, and being proud of it.  You fat fucking douchebag, you should be ashamed of yourself for that.  Be thankful she didn’t press charges.

Another Anime Convention 2012: Scott Pilgrim VS. The Con!

Location: Another Anime Convention (AAC)
Models: DJ Ranma S,
Photographers: DJ Ranma S,

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Another Anime Con 2012: Idolm@ster

Cosplayer: Scarlet Spiegel
Character: Azusa Miura
Series: The Idolm@ster
Website: www.scarlet-rhapsody.com
Social Media Links: Facebook – Twitter – Tumblr

Another Anime Convention 2012: Model Ariel