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To Understand Does Not Mean You Concede

Discussions, conversations, arguments, debates will mostly have two sides to it.  It’s not often that one side will agree with the other.  We all have our reasons for believing and/or standing behind a statement.  At one time, I would stand behind my point and not give up until that person would concede, because I would verbally berate my view is the correct one.  In my field of work, you really can’t do that.  You have to see what you’re looking at, be reasonable, understand the points and then decide if you agree or not.  Key word being understand.  I think that’s something a lot of people forgotten about.

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Dirty Laundry

I laugh when someone threatens to post about my dirty laundry (personal business).  My laundry has been aired so much that it has it’s own rope outside to hang itself on.  And it’s like, “Why are you doing this, we already know, he owned up to it, what are you trying to do?”  Right after that, I air my side of it and it’s like, “Ohhhhhhh….” and that person is ridiculed.

So let me tell you…

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Geeks and Dating

Today I’ll be talking about two things.  TLC’s Geek Love and the Kotaku article, Nerds and Male privilege (which originated from here).

Geek Love

Yes, I watched it.  Not just because I was on there, I wanted to see how it turned out.  It wasn’t as much of a train wreck as I thought it was.  What you saw was no edits whatsoever.  Also what you didn’t know is that in the Sunday session I was in, about half those girls I speed dated with were in the Saturday night session as well.

Did I get a contact? Yes.

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