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Don’t Be This Neckbeard.

Yesterday I talked about my thoughts on the UCSD tragedy and how it bothered me as a guy and how I am around women.  I can’t sit here and lecture you fully on how to be a man.  I can give you advice on how to be around women.  My advice stems from my own experiences… And stories.  I’m going to tell you the story of Ryouga and his interactions with women.  It’s something special.  Now his real name isn’t Ryouga, but I change the name to protect the stupid, for they are their own undoing.  Click past here and I’ll tell you everything.  Hopefully you all will learn from this.

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It’s a Triggering Effect

Y’know I said that I should blog more, but I don’t.  But when I do, it’s something that’s really bothering me.  As I write what I am going to write, I am somewhat scared of what I’m going to say.  Only because I may lose friends over this.  I don’t want to, I truly don’t.  But I suppose that if I do, they really weren’t my friends in the first place… Well I want to talk about the terrible incident at UCSB on Saturday.  But what I feel that makes my post different is that I want to talk about how it makes me feel.  I’ve read what others have said and how others should be.  I just want to talk about my brief take on this…

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The Say Silence is Golden

But duct tape is silver.

Normally whenever an issue arises, I will explain myself.  But it’s come to where that no matter how many times I explain myself, most people don’t listen.  So, pretty much, I’m just not going to bother with it.

What brought this up?  Katsucon.  Be forewarned, this post may come off as passive/aggressive, only because I do not want to name names in this.  Long story short, two former friends tried to have me kicked out of the con.  But since each person had a different story, no blame was posted.

For two weeks, I lamented over the fact of should I talk about it.  I decided not to.  Only a few people in my select circle know what happened.  I am going to leave it at that.  I just want these two individuals to leave me alone and to stop poking their noses around in my personal life.  If they want to know so damn badly, just ask me.  I’m not that hard to find.

I’ll say this much tho… I’ve done some stupid shit in my life, but I’ve always owned up to it.  But I have never gotten a woman drunk just to have sex with her, and being proud of it.  You fat fucking douchebag, you should be ashamed of yourself for that.  Be thankful she didn’t press charges.

To Understand Does Not Mean You Concede

Discussions, conversations, arguments, debates will mostly have two sides to it.  It’s not often that one side will agree with the other.  We all have our reasons for believing and/or standing behind a statement.  At one time, I would stand behind my point and not give up until that person would concede, because I would verbally berate my view is the correct one.  In my field of work, you really can’t do that.  You have to see what you’re looking at, be reasonable, understand the points and then decide if you agree or not.  Key word being understand.  I think that’s something a lot of people forgotten about.

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