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Pixels – It Really Was Good!

You’re prolly looking at the title and thing I’m bullshitting you.  But I’m not.  I saw the trailer during the Super Bowl I believe… From that point on, I knew I had to see this.  At lease we now know why the game Pac-Man was licensed as a film.  Some are saying that there will be an actual Pac-Man film, but I’m thinking otherwise, ya know?  So lemme tell you more about this flick.  FYI, possible spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned…

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Yes Virginia, the WiiU is Crap.

Well, that’s just my opinion.  Everyone has one.  I personally feel that it’s not worth the price behind the technology.  So last week, my friend act_deft linked me to a Mario Kart 8 green bundle going for 250 Euros.  I shared this on my personal Facebook and the topic was quite interesting.

Very interesting indeed it was because someone took it personal…

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