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So Me and My Ex…

Only a few people know the story of the breakup between me and my ex-girlfriend Mimi.  Oddly enough, after the breakup, the story went on for months.  It was mostly me.  I was the one trying to stay friends and find out the truth about things.  But honestly I should have know when she got more tight-lipped and I had to drag the truth out of her.  For the longest, I decided to keep this under wraps due to privacy between us and everyone else involved.  But if seems that some people like to tell my business and that end results of this took a serious emotional strain on me to where I couldn’t take it anymore.   So I guess now that I’ve let all of this sink in, I can tell my side of things.

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Bros before Hos (That Topic Again)

About a couple of weeks ago, I had asked people on Facebook if they would date their best friend’s ex.  Interesting answers I saw.  Like I said, something similar has happened to me, but it was a friend, and that relationship only lasted about a month or so.

So, here’s my story.

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The Road Ahead

Usually when a couple breaks up you tend to hear apologies and that you were too good for that person.  But when it’s a couple giving things a second chance and there really isn’t a damn thing that can truly be said.  Only a handful of people can truly understand the situation.


I’m still trying to make sense of it, but not as much.  I try to keep my mind on other things, like the fact that I am 15 credits away from my college degree.

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Relationship. I have one. I’m lucky.

Why do I say that?  We trust and love each other very much.  And we both have a Hall Pass / Free Pass, because we’re so far away from each other.

We have an open/polyamorous relationship.  This was her idea, not mine.  I also didn’t have a problem with it either.  But I’ve gotten flack from it and I don’t think it’s fair at all.

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