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Dirty Laundry

I laugh when someone threatens to post about my dirty laundry (personal business).  My laundry has been aired so much that it has it’s own rope outside to hang itself on.  And it’s like, “Why are you doing this, we already know, he owned up to it, what are you trying to do?”  Right after that, I air my side of it and it’s like, “Ohhhhhhh….” and that person is ridiculed.

So let me tell you…

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Belated New Year

I once said that I would try to blog more.  So much for that.

But it has been a while since I updated, so let me give you the rundown…

  1. I lost my job the weekend of Another Anime Convention.
  2. My girlfriend dumped me a week before Valentine’s Day.
  3. I am back in college.

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