Cosplay Photoshoots

Roselia: Rainy Blue Rose

I’ve known this cosplay group for a bit, especially the Yukina Minato cosplayer. Here’s one of the Bang Dream shoots that I did with them at MAGFest 2019!

Roselia: Night Time Kimono

Here we are, back with Dango A-Go-Go Cosplay… This time in an evening, night time scene. Here are our ladies, Lisa Imai, Yukina Minato, and Shirokane Rinko, enjoying the night time atrium at MAGFest 2019!

Bowsette: I Run This

At MAGFest, there was an epic Super Crown photoshoot. But before that shoot, I ran into my friend Kasoyume Cosplay, who was cosplaying the baddest crown wearer of them all… Princess Bowsette!

Catwoman: Beauty and The Loot

Interesting story… This was an impromptu photoshoot. Right after we checked into the hotel, I ran into my friend Annie Lee Cosplay… Who was also staying in the same hotel as I! After a brief chat and whatnot, we ended up shooting in the lobby of our hotel and at the Gaylord!